Create Photo Smiley with Your Own Face!

You can smile, laugh or cry. Your smileys can, too! Turn your face into photo smiley, receiving a set of animated emoticons with just a few taps! A single picture of your or your friend’s face will turn into one of the 8 animated characters with 9 emotional expressions. Make your avatars love, cry and wink by just taking a snapshot.

With PhotoSmileys, you can convey 9 emotions with one of the 8 characters. Cowboy and gangster, blonde and brunette, surfer and biker, schoolgirl and flamenco dancer will grunge, smile, or kiss on your screen. All you need is taking a picture or choosing one from the gallery, and PhotoSmileys will take care of all the little details.

Use your new smileys in emails and text messages. Each of the eight characters can be unlocked for only 99 cents. Once you unlock a character, you can create an unlimited number of smileys with as many pictures as you like. PhotoSmileys will require an Internet connection.

Get PhotoSmileys from Apple App Store.

photo smiley
photo smiley photo smiley photo smiley

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